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Sunshine through my windows…


It’s actually a bit raining today. A tropical depression just exited the country and the tail-end of it is still making places shower down rain. It’s okay, though. I don’t mind a bit of rain. I truly think that rainshowers is a blessing from above.

I just hope that it won’t rain as much as the other days. I would love to have more sunshine come in the house and warm us up.

Happy weekend!

Organized chaos.


I bring home work. That’s a fact. I clock out of work early so as to avoid traffic and just bring home whatever I haven’t finished in the office. It’s the ideal set up for me since I want to be home as soon as night falls. I also look forward to being with my nephew whom I adore so much.

So, to make sure that I get some work done at home, I asked my sister to set up a home-office corner for me. Just a table and somewhere to put my stuff in.

I call it my organized chaotic corner. It’s always full of my stuff and no matter how much I make sure everything is in place, when I start working in my corner, chaos ensues.

Do you have a corner at home, too? Can I have a look?


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