Before anything else, let me greet everyone who drops by here a Merry Christmas!!!


My goal every Christmas is for the whole family to be together. We do not do extravagant Christmases. We are happy with a simple spread of ham, pasta, chicken and whatever is available to be eaten on Christmas eve. A couple of photos taken to commemorate the celebrations and then opening of gifts.

I would love for the family to celebrate our next Christmas in a new house. A bigger house fit for two growing boys! I just love to have a bigger ground, backyard and lawn. My idea is for us to have our Noche Buena under the stars. And then there will be some singing and dancing and more gifts to be given.

For now, I am happy that we are all together to welcome the birth of Jesus. Dad, siblings, sister-in-law, nephews…

I hope that you are all with your love ones now ready to celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas and God bless everyone!