It is easier to bare one’s body than to bare the soul…

I read the quote somewhere, possibly in Facebook. It is on point! Don’t you think?


I remember this story about someone I know through a friend. A girl from high school used to be fat. She was tall, big-boned, and just a tad over plump. More than a tad. Boy ignored her and she was a nobody in school. Until one summer, she did everything she could to change. Her family was on board, bringing her to HongKong to try the latest on losing weight. When school started, every person on campus was asking who the new girl was, not knowing she was the same girl everybody used to ignore.

She became the “it” girl.

Boys flocked to her side. Left and right, she was the center of attention of both boys and girls, the latter wanting to be her best friends so they, too, would get noticed by the whole campus.

At first, the girl took advantage of the favorable situation. She dated the guys she used to have a crush on. She went steady with the campus heartthrob. She became the campus queen in no time at all!

But on a retreat, she confessed to being lonely. She bared her soul, reluctantly at first, to a small group of friends. She told them how lonely she felt in the middle of a crowd. It was the saddest feeling of all. She thought that being popular would make her happy but the truth was, it brought her more sadness.

She also confessed that intimacy is so much more difficult to share with someone unless your heart and soul are on board with it.

Baring your body is easier, yes, but it can also be hard especially when your heart is totally against baring it.